Information about photovoltaic

Photovoltaics is alternative way of electric production made by transformation of solar radiation.

Princip Fotovoltaiky
The principle of photovoltaic effect

The photovoltaic effect was discovered by Mr. Alexandre Edmond Becquerel in 1839...


Distribution company under the laws accepted by the EU must purchase energy from renewable sources....

Návrh ostrovniho FV systému
Island system project

Do you own own a cabin, cottage, caravan, yacht or any other civil or industrial object in a place where is no connection to electrical network? 

Státní podpora fotovoltaiky
Government photovoltaic support

According to the czech legislation for connecting photovoltaic system up to 30kWp installed on roofs of approved buildings in 2012 there are following conditions ...

Schéma možných připojení
Scheme of possible connections

Photovoltaic systems can be connected to the network, but can operate as an individual or hybrid system ...